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As saving distressed dogs in the Philippines go, AKF personnel risk life and limb catching dog-traders. Together with the Central Intelligence and Detection Group (CIDG), raids on establishments confirmed of trading dog-meat are conducted and interceptions of deliveries to slaughter houses, particularly in the northern region of the country, are cautiously carried-out. An initial investigation takes weeks or even months. AKF personnel may have to return several times to suspected areas and even pretend to be interested buyers to verify that these establishments or individuals are engaged in such illegal activity. With verified information, AKF coordinates with the national and local authorities, mostly the CIDG of the police force for the raids. The rescued animals are brought to the rescue center of AKF in Capas, Tarlac.

Enumerating some of the continuing efforts of AKF Inc. in rescuing dogs from slaughter, one will have to appreciate the passion of its staff and personnel. Cases after cases in court against dog-traders have been filed by AKF after each raids and interceptions.




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