AKF Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

The rescue center is a haven for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. It operates on a no-kill-policy. The shelter has facilities for xray, surgery and general diagnostics.  It has a quarantine and HDU area, a first of its kind in the Philippines. Dogs are given the opportunity to recover from their traumatic experience through socialization and enhancement program.

Animal Kingdom Foundation Rehabilitation & Rescue Center


Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Center

A non-profit, no-kill dog shelter dedicated to saving once slaughter-bound dogs.

The center is fully operating on donated funds from the United Kingdom while a few business establishments and individuals in the Philippines give donations. The center sits on a walled 2.5 hectare rented property.

It has considerable numbers of kennel where rescued dogs move freely.

In the lone holding pen, from the back of the delivery truck, the newly-rescued dogs alight onto a platform unassisted.

This has been proven to be an effective and safe way of hauling-off frazzled dogs rescued from man-handling.

There are pens for male and female dogs, for ferocious ones and for disease-stricken ones.

Veterinary medications are mostly carried in the main building’s lower unit where the clinic and offices are.

The upper floor of the main house is where guests stay.

The other building is for the AKF staff.

A considerable number of fruit-bearing mango trees lines up the stretch of the property.

The AKF’s Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Center is, indeed, an ideal place to house distressed dogs victimized by the illegal trade and to welcome animal-lovers who have passions to save them.

Programs & Projects1. Rescue and Rehabilitation.The bulk of the animalsbeing rehabilitated at thecenter are those recoveredfrom rescue operations.2. Re-homing program.Offered to animal-lovingpeople seeking forcompanion-animals.3. Out-patient clinic.Exclusively offered toindigent dog owners whowant their dogs inhealthy condition.4. Training ground forVeterinary students.Since we have a leanveterinary staff,accepting veterinaryvolunteers greatly helpsthe center.5. Neutering of dogs.
Aside from the dogs inthe center, communitydogs (askals) are sterilizedduring special communityevents.

Adonis,The Guard Dog

Adonis, one of AKF’s rescued dogi n San Jacinto, Pangasinan, is not of mythological stuff but the this dog’s story, with its near death-“rebirth” event, is inspiring in its entirety.
It was June 2006 in the village of San Jacinto, Pangasinan that this skinny, brindled dog bound for slaughter was saved.
At the rescue center, he escaped from the holding pen, climbed the wall of a dried-out pool and jumped over the concrete fence out into the darkness.
Considered as an escapee, the dog was not hoped to be recovered.
One night, the kennel-mates and the guard heard a persistent scratching coming from the iron gate. It was the skinny dog! He has returned.
The dog approached the guard and never left his side.
The next day, he was named Adonis and declared as the center’s guard dog.